About Us

We produce films, which help our clients meet their goals

We analyse needs

We base our work on thorough analysis of our clients’ needs, flexibility and continually striving for perfection.

We promote brands

We create promotional videos and advertising content consistent with brand strategy. We can also help promote and strengthen the credibility of your brand and confidence in your products.

We build stories

Using our skills and expertise we can tell stories that move audiences. We operate according to the professional standards of the film industry and deliver video productions of the highest quality.

We focus on quality

To ensure the highest quality we work with artists and designers from one of the best film schools in Europe - the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, Poland.


Find out how a film can help your business

Increased interest

Websites with audiovisual content retain attention for longer than those without. Similarly, promotional stands which use film productions enjoy a much greater interest of visitors.

Higher traffic on your website

Websites of companies which use multiple channels for video advertising content, like YouTube, Facebook and other social media are easier to find using popular search engines. This in effect increases the traffic on the website of your company.

More engaging content

It is a lot easier to remember information viewed and listened to than written content. One click and the information you want to convey is absorbed. With the increasing amount of video content on the internet, companies need to engage the audience to stay competitive.

A lasting investment

Once your video content is created, you can use it multiple times and across multiple channels, such as on a website, social media or at conferences and conventions.


What we can do for you

Our Offerings

We create commercials, corporate videos, branding and promotional content.
These can include instructional videos, training films, documentaries of events, music videos, animated presentations and explainer videos.
Our films are built with a combination of cinematographic and photographic material as well as animation techniques.
We are also equipped to post-production film, including graphical overlays, animations, sound and picture editing, color correction, and advanced digital special effects.

Production Methods

We carefully analyze the needs of our clients, advise them on the best solution, prepare the scripts/storyboards and efficiently execute the production. We can provide the completed content in formats to suit client requirements.
In the implementation, we use high end professional equipment: industry standard cameras, dolly tracking, camera cranes, steadicam, drones and helicopter.
Editing in post-production is conducted to the highest professional standards.
We use advanced film technologies such as timelapse to achieve shots with uniquely dynamic qualities.


Please see below and online, on our Vimeo and YouTube channels, some examples of the work we have executed for our clients.

In just a few days, NotaBene prepared a film for the Make in India Week event in Mumbai. The film was met with much applause from an audience of several hundred people from all over the world in February 2016.

Sławomir Sobański

CEO Agroklaster Combi Line

We appreciate the exceptional commitment and creativity of the highly skilled NotaBene team. We would recommend NotaBene to all companies who are looking for a professional and reliable partner in the film industry.

Jonas Schmidt

CEO Vortrans International

Masterpiece! Super animation, which I like a lot.

Marek Baluta

Owner of Ready Studio

Our Team

NotaBene is an elite place of work for young creative professionals in film and advertising.

Executive Director

A reliable partner for our customers. Successfully using her arts education and background as Executive Director of NotaBene. Anna manages production and ensures timely delivery of projects and a high standard of work. With professional experience in a number of countries and her innate optimism she effectively removes obstacles for the team and provides solutions to client challenges. Outside of work she enjoys learning new languages and spending time with animals, especially dogs … and hedgehogs.

Camera Operator and Photographer

Author of extraordinary images recognised in numerous Polish and international competitions. Prize Laureate in the Grand Press Photo Awards, the BZ WBK Press Photo Awards, the Sony World Photography Awards, and the Leica Street Photo Awards. The footage captured by Adrian is memorable and evocative. A lover of jazz and good tea, he is always willing to help others.

Post-Production Coordinator and VFX Specialist

Prize Laureate of numerous international film competitions. Maciej, besides producing extraordinary visual effects, can create powerful animated advertising and develop storyboards for client productions. If needed, able to produce consistently high quality work until 10 AM (...the next day). Extremely positive personality. Preferably chilling on a skateboard or snowboard.

Film Director and Editor

The latest editing software holds no secrets to Szymon. Szymon is a volcano of energy - imposing a very fast pace of work on himself (and his team), whilst maintaining high quality. Aside from editing, Szymon is also a successful director.
Always well organized and extremely creative. In his spare time he likes to relax with a game of frisbee.


Karolina’s work has been repeatedly appreciated at some of the most prestigious Polish and international film festivals. Karolina’s animations are characterized by a distinctive style of drawing, which makes her work stand out from the crowd. Lover of coffee in unlimited quantities. Always up for a road trip with friends.


Justyna creates interesting, expressive animations with characteristic narration. She will often develop unique approaches to the film format ranging from explainer videos to promotional content. Her vast knowledge of art history helps to develop innovative concepts and ideas. Likes to relax whilst rollerblading - usually accompanied by other members of the team.

Animator and Scenographer

The winner of several international film festivals and the author of animation and music videos of a distinctive and creative character. Artur is an expert in spatial animation and is a walking encyclopedia of film. He impresses with a very wide ranging and peculiar taste in music including jazz and experimental jamming. Always helpful, resourceful, friendly, and always open to new cultures and people.

Production Manager

Patrycja is particularly skillful in film production and the organisation of the team on set. She is always composed and ready to face unforeseen challenges. Her strength is her order and effectiveness under pressure. Patricia has watched (and still watches!) an incredible amount of movies, and in the intervals between work and watching movies is an excellent maker of waffles.

Photographer and Designer

Marlena’s photography has gained recognition at many international competitions and festivals. Aside from her photography, with her educational background in journalism, she is a competent and experienced copy-writer. Marlena is a very versatile artist and designer. At a time when not on a shoot or writing, Marlena is listening to experimental electronic music.


If you need any additional information, please contact us. CALL: +48 502 011 864 or send us message below. We will advise you and help you in finding the best solution.